Our Story


Mary Fields, known to her family and friends as "Mattie" had a simple vision: quality, wholesome products made by a family you know and trust. "From our farms to your homes with thanks" she would always say with a smile.

Mattie and her husband, Frank Bacon were similar to those around them, humble wheat farmers in the "Breadbasket" of America.  Mattie was known for her baking and began selling her provisions for extra profit to the local general store under the name "Bacon & Fields". 

Unfortunately, the lesser-known depression of 1893 known as "The Panic" forced the couple and their growing family to relocate to North Dakota where the chance of agricultural success was greater. It was there that Frank and Mattie were able to realize their dream of owning and operating their own general store with their children. "Bacon and Fields General Store" was born, quickly becoming a household name that eventually expanded into the local apothecary.  

 The family’s deep entrepreneurial spirit can be traced back to Frank’s father: Henry Bacon of London, England. The many old, black-and-white photographs and the stories of the family’s businesses endured for generations. Eventually planting a seed in Frank and Mattie's young great-grandson's head, the young boy knew he also had the entrepreneurial spirit within him.

So it is with great pride in his roots coupled with his own drive to leave a strong sense of work ethic and legacy to his 4 children that the young great-grandson, along with his wife re-established "Bacon & Fields" and are once again, humbly, bringing our products "to your homes with thanks".